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  • Friend Plantains

    Plantains make everything better!

    Whether on their own, or added to your favorite dish, a side of Plantains is what your tummy needs!

  • A crowd favorite

    Plate of the Day

    The plate of the day is a typical Costa Rican meal.
    Chicken, Pork or Veggie, with Gallo Pinto, a small side salad and yellow plantains.


Latin Soul Food

Welcome Home! Chef Thony ‘Mango Man’ Clarke is proud to bring a little bit of his home into your hearts. Chef Thony’s special blend of love and spices produces what is best called Latin Soul Food. One taste and you’ll agree, Que Rico!

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Mango Man

Latin Soul Food

Welcome Home…

Born in Costa Rica, I’ve spent the last 15 years serving my delicious food on Library Mall and all over town in my Cafe Costa Rica food cart. I have several signature sauces I use and customers routinely ask me if they can take some home! I’ve recently started bottling two of my most popular sauces for retail sale, and the results have been amazing.

You can find me during the week on Library Mall, every other Wednesday night at the Capitol View Farmer’s Market, and on most Saturdays at the Dane County Farmer’s Market. In addition, look for me at local shows and events! Buen Provecho Madison!

Buen Provecho Madison!

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